Thank you for the beautiful yoga session. I am so grateful for the way you have used scripture and prayer to create a powerful workout. I have been recovering from an extended illness and this has helped me begin to gain strength. Along with filling my mind with Godly thoughts for the day. I hope you will make another video. Thank you so much .- Kendra R.
I love the physical benefits of Yoga, but have struggled with the spiritual aspect of practicing yoga. What a blessing to find The Yoga Prayer. During my practice I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit through the prayers from God’s word. The Yoga practice is a good overall practice and I like the pace. Thank you for sharing your practice with a focus on the Christian faith.- Jane G.
Just read other comment and wanted to add to mine. I am just beginning yoga because of chronic fatigue and desperation. I need to move and I love Jesus and sure can’t do boot camp any more. Getting to church this morning was the first time in weeks. Thank God! I have been helped by Christian yoga in a multitude of ways and it has given me such hope. I appreciated how you prayerfully incorporated God’s Word. It wove into my soul. Thanks again !- Beth P.
I have been looking for a few years, and finally found this gift. …a very encouraging yoga workout, centering on scripture and prayer, connecting body, soul and mind. Very well done. Thank you for providing this for free!!- Kaye
Thanks so much for your video. I found it on YouTube and have done it 3 times with my wife. I am training for IRONMAN Wisconsin 2017, representing the Organization for Autism Research in honor of my daughter who is on the autism spectrum. I have never really done yoga before because of my Christian beliefs but my training plan called for yoga. I am grateful for this alternative that does more than just allow me to not compromise my faith in Jesus Christ, but actually helps me practice my faith through mediation on the Word of God and prayer to my Heavenly Father.- Jeff R.
Just a note to say thank you so much for making the Yoga Prayer. I enjoy it and use it frequently!- Beth
I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing yoga video. I have thoroughly enjoyed strengthening my body and meditating on God’s word in the morning before I go to work. I have a very physical job and as I get older, which I’ve done for 30 years, it gets more stressful on my body and this has helped me tremendously to become strong in my faith and in my body. I want more videos though! I love this video but I need more videos. When are you coming out with more videos? I found you on YouTube. And I have searched for other ones on YouTube but they’re just nothing like this particular video it’s quality it’s wonderful and amazing. Thank you so much.- Tammy G.
I recently found this video on YouTube and use it at least 5 times a week! I’d love to see more of them!!! Thank you and God bless!
I was searching the Internet for any Christian yoga videos and came across The Yoga Prayer! I loved it! Thank you so much…. I love the combination of the beautiful ocean yoga and prayer! What could be better! Thank you.- M. M.
I tried the Yoga Prayer workout today for the first time. I am delighted to have received a good stretch and most of all, beautiful Scripture verses and prayers as I exercised. Thanks for melding some of yoga’s best moves with the correct focus on our one true God and His son Jesus Christ. I have been waiting for such a workout for several years. God bless your ministry!- Christine Winslow
My friend and I are taking a week at St. Simon Island to refresh and ask God for his direction this year. I will be missing my yoga classes in Athens, GA and therefore was looking through YouTube for some yoga music to practice alone. After much searching, I found your video. Enjoyed the combination of prayer, yoga practice, music, scenery, and professional filming. I’ll view the video again and share it with friends. Thank you so much. You’ve made something very special.- M
I came across this amazing and absolutely wonderful DVD, while doing an internet search for Yoga DVD’s for beginners. Although while working, I simply watched it, I am in awe of the peaceful, beautiful music, scriptures and ease of instructions/technique.- D